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Formal Garden

This garden needed to be redesigned because of a fairly large renovation that had been done to the front of the house.  The owners had added on a front porch to their 1939 character home and wanted the design of the garden to reflect the style of the home without being too formal.  We decided to go with a formal outline (straight edge stone wall, paths and boxwood hedge) for the garden but the in fill would be soft and flowing with plants reminiscent of past eras such as roses, hydrangeas, asters and azaleas mixed in with graceful grasses and modern plants.  We kept and reused things like brick from an existing patio to make a large brick path and compost area, large rhododendrons were moved to a more appropriate part of the garden, an antique wrought iron gate was also used to help add more character.  A garden fountain was added to help create a soothing atmosphere.  Another added formal element was a new fence that was built and stained a dark grey to work with the house and stone colour.  These pictures were taken 2 years after installation.


A large pine tree was taken down and you can see the pile of bricks stacked up and is ready to use

The new porch construction has been finished and now it is time for the garden to be installed

A perfect place for a new brick path reusing old bricks!


The front porch is ready to use with hanging baskets adding some colour

Some pretty fall colour

The antique wrought iron gate and new/old brick path

Lots of soft infill

Lots of great colour and texture

The new fence with the lovely dark grey stain to work with the stone wall and stairs

A mix of old and new modern plants

Soft plants that are allowed to roam

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