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The fuel of the creative is inspiration.
–Thomas Hobbs


Services can be obtained on an individual basis or as a full design package:

A consultation is for clients who feel they don’t need a full design package.  This approach is appropriate for individuals who are interested in installing and maintaining their own garden.  Clients receive professional advice on an hourly basis.  A written list of suggested plants, a written report and/or drawings can be prepared upon request.

Planting Plan:
This planting plan is hand drawn to scale and is useful for renovating existing planting beds or to create new planting areas.  This level of service is appropriate for clients who want their gardens to be updated and don’t require a full design package.

Full Design Package:
A full design package consists of numerous steps as follows:

Base and Site Analysis Plan – this plan is drawn to scale and will note details such as existing plants to be kept, drainage conditions, sunlight exposure, views, etc.

Concept Plan – this plan will become the key design document.  The concept plan is based upon the clients’ wishes, functional needs and the home’s architecture.  It will set out the flow of the garden, the concept of the use of the space together with location of key elements such as planting beds, focal points, water features, etc.  An idea board, which contains photos and drawings, is usually presented with the concept plan in order to help the client visualize the new garden design.

Planting Plan – the planting plan is based upon the approved concept plan.  This will be the plan used as the blueprint for your garden installation.


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